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A&S Property Sales -  based in Co Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, with significant experience and practical working knowledge of understanding the market in the buying, selling and renting process of property.  We provide an excellent level of service, in trying to get customers the best price for their property or the right client for their rental property. Our biggest strength is the genuinely warm, friendly and professional approach that we offer all our clients, whether you are considering buying, selling or renting.

Whether Sales, Rentals, development or agricultural land, we have a practical working knowledge and years of understanding the market.

We can provide the contacts. If you require craftsmen for property maintenance tasks that include servicing boilers, repairing washing machines,dishwashers and general joinery work. We can provide reliable contacts.

Property Required
Please contact A&S Property Sales if you have a house, a bungalow, a site or land to sell. We have clients waiting on keenly priced properties. Rentals are also required for clients. We manage rentals. Whether you are  buying, selling or renting. We provide a good, helpful service.
Our fees are less expensive.
Contact Stella: 07729262655
Contact Alan :  07773060036

ENERGY PERFORMANCE CERTIFICATES shows the energy efficiency rating of a property (which are required by law for landlords renting property or anyone selling property)
0773060036 or 07729262655
07729262655 or 07773060036
A&S Property Sales

Alan:   07773060036
Stella: 07729262655